History of Service

Thoughout history concrete has been known as the "building block of civilization".  From the Greek and Roman empires to the industrialrevolution to today's modern construction concrete has provenits versatility and importance in construction.  Here in the Tri-County area, Colville Valley Concrete Corporation has been the leader in concrete production for over half a century.

Colville Valley Concrete has been producing high quality concrete since 1951.  The owners of Colville Valley Concrete, Steve Connelly and Geoff McNiven, operate a well maintained fleet of trucks and equipment.  Their trucks are radio dispatched using a  company owned radio repeater located on the top of Chewelah Peak.  They design, produce and deliver ready mix concrete for small residential projects, as well as, large commercial and industrial construction projects.  Their products have met and exceeded the expectations and specifications of engineers, architects, contractors and homeowners.  The company has received state and national recognition for their contributions to the ready mixed concrete industry, as well as, national safety awards for their concrete and mining operations.

As an enviromentally conscience company Colville Valley Concrete has inplemented recycling programs.  The company invested thousands of dollars in a water recycling program designed to protect local ground water.  The company also recyles all their equipment waste: oil etc.  Being responsible land stewars they reclaim their pit sites as they go as opposed to leaving a scar on the landscape, gaining the most of our precious natural resources.

 Colville Valley Concrete not only produces high quality concrete but also produces sand and gravel, precast items and handles septic system materials such as pipe and filter fabric, and concrete related materials such as rebar and form ties.

The company's sand and gravel operation produces a full line of 20 sand and gravel products - screened washed sand and gravel for concrete, landscape and drainage projects and a selection of crushed materials for road building and maintenance.  In keeping with the recycling efforts the company recycles concrete and asphalt.  The recycled concrete makes and excellent road base while the asphalt is recycled into an excellent top course material for driveways and has been used by the City of Colville on their alleys to reduce dust and erosion.

The company's precast division produces a variety of pre-cast  products such as septic tanks, parking bumpers, patio pavers, bird baths, ecology blocks(large industrial wall blocks).  For spring development and water storage the company produces well tiles and water reservoirs.

Colville Valley Concrete is well known for community involvement and has a long history of being of being a strong supporter of our local schools, youth athletics and agricultural programs.  The company remains one of the area's most reputable and solid corporate citizens in the Tri-County area.